initially started as a Geocities website when I was in 6th grade. Over the years, it has slowly evolved into a place where I can practice and become familiar with web development as it progresses. I started out coding with Microsoft Frontpage, then moved to Dreamweaver. Initially, there was very little coding, and it was all WYSIWYG. However, as I learned more, I could make it more interactive.

I incorporate drawings and blog posts to keep those that are interested updated. Through the evolution of the website, I was forced to learn HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, jQuery, javascript, and the handling of MySQL Databases. I've put online some code samples.


I still have about 170 videos to go through and edit to make the final Italy video, but I'm hoping to get that done in a somewhat timely manner. Until then, have this highlight reel of Abby.


I found a link on reddit to a video of a man trapped in an elevator for 41 hours.

In the comments there was a link to a story in the New Yorker about the guy and elevators in general which  ended up being pretty interesting.

From that story, I also learned about a proposed skyscraper described by Frank Lloyd Wright that would have been a mile high.
Space Station Reboost

I like how amused the astronauts are when the space station starts to accelerate away from them.


Nutation is a rocking, swaying, or nodding motion in the axis of rotation of a largely axially symmetric object.

You can see it used in action below when Conan brings in an MIT professor to try to spin his wedding ring for as long as possible.

Gravity Visualized

I thought this was a really cool way to visualize many of the aspects of gravity.

Snap-Happy Thanksgiving!
November, 2013

I've been kept busy with work. However, I did get a notice that somebody was trying to inject sql code into this site, which was as good of an excuse as any to pop open Dreamweaver and take a look at preventing this from happening in the future. Although I do validate all of the PHP that gets passed in there was one way in particular that I wasn't aware existed. They were able to run 1000000 iterations of 100000 iterations of a request for the current date. There was no point to it, except to fool around and see what they could get away with. After realizing this was going on/tracking down where it was coming from, I fixed the issue and all is well.

I've been sending a lot of snapchats recently, and I'm hoping to create a way where I can upload my screenshots from my phone into new blog posts without much hassle. If you start seeing snapchats here that means it's working

Future posts that I want to write about but will most likely never get the time:
Running a marathon.
Creating a scrolling display from an arduino

Angular Momentum

"None of this is intuitive"

More Songs

I've come across a lot of new songs recently. I don't have the time to link them all, but I'll just throw in a couple. I've sorted them into two sections:

Songs my dad probably won't like:
Kids These Days (feat Chance the Rapper) - Wasted Time
Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends (Jake One Remix Feat Danny Brown)
Cocorosie - Werewolf
Frank Ocean - American Wedding (Covers Hotel California)
Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle
Drake - Shot For Me
Nujabes - Luv Sic Part 3 feat Shing02
Sleigh Bells - End of the Line
Frank Ocean - If I'm in Love
Frank Ocean (Feat Andre 3000) - Pink Matter
Chance the Rapper (feat Childish Gambino) - Favorite Song

Songs my dad might like:

City and Colour - The Golden State
The Civil Wars - Same Old Same Old
The Civil Wars - Dust to Dust
The Civil Wars - Billie Jean
Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose
Porch Sessions - Simple Life
Mandy Moore - Gardenia
James Vincent McMorrow - We Don't Eat
Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold (Cover)
The Head and the Heart - Winter Song
Eagles - Doolin Dalton/Desperado Reprise
Jerry Douglas (Feat. Mumford and Sons and Paul Simon) - The Boxer (Cover)

Full Albums

Rather than try to find new music via Pandora or Youtube, I started doing this thing where I go through the billboard new releases and find albums I might like, and give them a once through via youtube.  I'm able to fit in 3 or 4 albums a day and there's no need to switch songs as often because I know I'll at least partially like the band/song that is playing.

Most Recent Albums:
City and Colour - The Hurry and the Harm
Wale - The Gifted
Skylar Grey - Don't Look Down
She and Him - Volume 3

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